Three Month Results – The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density


I’ve been using The Ordinary Hair Density serum for thicker, fuller, healthier hair (and eyebrows) for 3 months. Over the summer I got my hair colored blonde and while I like to change as few variables as possible while reviewing products (I had been using the hair serum for 3 weeks before going blonde), I also wanted to see how my hair grows and let my roots grow in a bit so it is easier to see the results. You can read about the hair serum ingredients and use in this post. I’ve used about half the bottle so far and will post the 6-month after photos in the coming months.


I kept forgetting to apply the serum to my eyebrows, so I probably used about every second evening. I don’t think there is much difference in growth or thickness.


Looking at the front of my hair, I think I can see a bit less of my scalp in the after photo. Toward my forehead in the next photo there is definite hair growth.


The edges of my hair have shown some growth and thickening as well. Looking at the root grow out, the edges and front of my hair seem to grow slower than more towards the back (or there is just such thin hair the grow out is not seen as well).

I was surprised to see that I got results with hair growth after 3 months, as I definitely did not notice any results in the mirror. I will continue for another 3 months and write an update at that time, so keep an eye out in December for those photos. Click here for the 6-month results.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Three Month Results – The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

  1. Thank you for the review – I am looking forward to the 6 month one 🙂
    I just purchased this serum, but have a question as to how to apply it. Do you apply it in towel dry hair or completely dry hair? I find it much more manageable to put it on my scalp right after my shower in the evening on towel dry hair as opposed to drying my hair and then applying it on my scalp (I have curly hair, so combing thru and parting it while dry is such a hassle as opposed to when slightly wet).
    Thank you in advance 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading. Instructions on The Ordinary website state to apply to clean, dry scalp. For me, I apply about 15 minutes after towel drying my hair. I feel like this allows the scalp to dry enough to absorb the product and don’t think it’s necessary for the hair to be dry.


    1. Hi. Have you seen my 6-month results post? After that review I got a second bottle and actually didn’t get any further results. This week I just started using the Alterna Haircare Leave-in Root Treatment and will be reviewing that in the coming months.


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