My Hair Story in Photos

I wanted to document my hair story, starting from a photo in 2016 to now, taking a look at the health and color of my hair (a part 2 of sorts from my post “Brunette to Blonde”).

Dry and damaged hair. This is how my hair looked for years; I didn’t pay too much attention to it and continued flat ironing my hair every day to get rid of the frizz, leading to more damage.

Grew out color and most of the damage.

Cut out some heaviness and brightened with a color melt.

Grow out from the previous cut; the healthiest my hair has looked in years.

Caramel highlights; I don’t like how this turned out.

Going blonde; session 1.

Ashy blonde; session 2.

Every root touch-up and tone, the shade of the hair was slightly different; I could never get it back to that ashy shade.

I left purple shampoo on my hair too long; there are about 4 different colors in my hair at this point.

Old color showing through on the bottom; ashy on the top and yellow on the bottom.

Attempt to blend the top half to match the bottom. My hair has started to look quite thin, damaged and dry at this point, despite my best efforts to keep it looking healthy.

Air dried; looks dry and damaged. Comparing the health and look of my hair to the before and after blonde photos, it looks drier more frizzy and thinner, not to mention the stiff, dry feeling after getting it wet in the shower still after 5 months. I think the light hair against my scalp made it look thinner as well. Sometimes you can do all the right things to maintain that color and keep hair healthy, but it doesn’t work out – my old auburn color started showing through the blonde, making the bottom half of my hair a yellowish, gold color (not a bad color, but didn’t go with my skin as well and I didn’t like it as much), while the top half of my hair was a more white blonde.

Have had thinning hair for a few years now.

Ombre balayage with chocolate brown roots. This is my favorite technique so far, but could be blended better. After much consideration, I decided to get a dark brown to blonde ombre color melt and let my hair grow out (I’ll still need to get grey coverage). It looks much better and is lower maintenance without the damaging lightening sessions. Also, the darker roots fading into the lighter color makes finer hair look a bit thicker. Rewinding about 5 months, given the chance to go blonde again knowing what I know about my hair now, I wouldn’t do it. 

Bangs to disguise the thinning hair. Bangs (a fringe) are something I have considered for years every few months, always too nervous to actually get them (especially as I have wavy hair and I’d have to straighten and style them every day). I love them. They were very annoying as I was getting used to them; they made my forehead itchy and I got a couple breakouts. When I wear my glasses they get oily streaks on them from my hair (I generally have an oily scalp and wash my hair every 4 or 5 days); dry shampoo helps. After washing my hair, I’ll flat iron my bangs and wear a silk bonnet-type hat at night that keeps my bangs straight on my forehead. Once they grow a few millimeters (which happens very fast) they need to be trimmed. The bangs make me look younger, make my long face look shorter and disguise my thinning hair as I don’t have to part it.

New color line at the salon; more brown than I wanted and has a green tinge.

The above brown hair faded quite quickly. I decided to leave my hair alone, just let it grow and try to heal it. It is dry, thin and looks quite bad. After numerous treatments, oils and conditioners, there was nothing I could do except cut most of the damage off.

I went to a different salon to get a cut and color; I wanted a chocolate brown, but the hairdresser said he was going to go a bit darker as it would look better. This black color is darker than my natural color. The cut is okay; the color is too dark.

Back to my normal hairdresser to get a keratin straightening treatment. This process lightened my hair. I’ll do a post about the keratin straightening process in a few months as it starts to fade out of the hair.

The above is how my hair is now (November 2019). It should be easier getting to a chocolate brown from this color than the black, and I plan to grow my hair out.

Going blonde again? Hell no.

Thank you for reading.

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