Welcome to my blog, Raiyne On Beauty – a beauty journey. Here you’ll find skin care, hair care and beauty product reviews (and a fitness post here and there when I’m motivated).

I try products for at least one month, and often longer depending on the product, how often it is to be used and the issue it is trying to improve.

I purchase skin care and hair care that I think may work for my skin and hair issues, often reviewing products that have been on the market for a while as I come across new-to-me brands and products I am interested in using.

For reference:

  • Age 41.
  • Skin:
    • Oily in summer.
    • Combination in winter.
    • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.
    • Fine lines.
    • Blackheads.
    • Large Pores.
    • Sun damage.
  • Hair:
    • Fine and thinning.
    • Lightened and colored.
    • Dry.
    • Frizzy.
  • Scalp:
    • Oily.

Thanks for visiting.

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