Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds Review

Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds
Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds

After trying a few different kinds of cotton rounds, I happened on these from Delon Laboratories at Costco. I got them because they were in a pack of eight and these are now my favorite brand of cotton rounds. These are made in Canada and are 100% cotton with no additives. Others I have tried, generic and other name brands, always fell apart or lost fibers. These have a smooth surface and a textured surface. I use the smooth surface to apply toner and remove eye makeup. These are gentle enough for use on the eye area and are soft and strong. The textured surface can be used to remove nail polish or gently exfoliate the skin. When I apply toner to the face and neck, these don’t fall apart or leave cotton fibers on the skin.

The smooth surface and the textured surface are held together at the edges by a sort of seam and when I accidentally ran that seam across the skin, it made a small almost paper-like cut. So I be sure to use the center of the cotton round and when using around the eye area, I fold it in half.

These are also available in organic and with aloe vera and provitamin B5 added. I haven’t tried these.


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